Home Fire Shelter

Bow Drill Fire

List of materials you need.

Follow these steps

  1. Build a tinder nest. Your tinder nest will be used to create the flame you get from the ashes that you're about to create. It can be anything from dry leaves, coconut husk, or wooden sticks.
  2. Make your bow which can be made with a leather cord or string, and a large flexible but strong stick. Be sure to sharpen one side of the stick to create less friction.
  3. Tie one end of the stick with the string as well as the opposite side. Find another strong stick to use as a drill, and sharpen one end of it.
  4. Then, find a rock that is hard and that will fit on your hand.
  5. Find a large and strong tree bark, then you will place bark underneath the unsharpened end of the drill. Use something hard like a rock and place it on top of the sharp end of the drill to hold it and keep it steady.
  6. With your drill, place next to string of bow, bring one end over the string, then under again to make a hole for the drill to be placed.
  7. Hold everything together, and drill the piece of bark under the drill and keep drilling with the bow until you see a massive amount of smoke coming from the bark.
  8. A few minutes later, stop drilling, and place the coal on the bark onto your tinder nest.
  9. Gently, grab your tinder nest, close it up until the coal is hidden inside, and begin to blow on it until you start a fire.
Click here for video instruction for BOW DRILL FIRE

Fire with Ice

If ever have to survive in a cold are with snow everywhere, it is possible to make a fire with ice. It's accually very simple, really. You only need a few things

Follow these Steps

  1. Cut a peice of ice from a big chunk of ice
  2. Shape the peice of ice into a 1 inch thick circle
  3. With the Palm of your hands, rub the peice of ice all around until the ice is clear
  4. Place the peice of ice facing upwards in the direction of the sun
  5. Place your tinder nest on the spot where the sun is making a small light through the ice. Keep it there until eventually the fire will start
Click here for video instruction. Fire with ice